Jan 22 2012

Where does the time go? Seems like a million years ago since I posted. Here's a Reader's Digest condensed version update.

I purged more papers and did a happy dance when I cleared a whole file drawer!!!!!  I'm proud to say I've resisted putting anything in it, just enjoying the space!  My shredder got quite the workout.  This is my 4th shredder and this one I lubricate after each shredding session in hopes to stretch out its longevity.

My quilting is not moving forward.  Gun shy after my bonehead oops on November...but...I'll dust it off in the next few hours and start with some baby steps.

The week of arctic temperatures seems to be going elsewhere.  A couple of days the thermometer dropped to -35°C and when you factored in the wind, well -45°C meant trouble for people and machines.  We are going to have to recharge Joe's truck battery tonight. When we had to keep Joe's work SUV and my car running, the truck just had to wait its turn for attention.

My finger is slowly recuperating after a self inflicted injury.  I was standing on the counter, cleaning up the ledge of decorative items when I lost my balance. I grabbed at whatever I could instead doing a half gainer onto the floor and wrecked my middle finger of my right hand.  Had it splinted up for a day or so and then bought a finger 'crate' which totally annoys me...but hey...at least I didn't hurt my back.  That would have totally sucked, especially after so many pain free years.

Joe is very excited...he is now the proud owner of an almost complete kilt outfit!  We picked up the tuxedo shirt, bow tie and cuff links yesterday.  Only need to purchase a jacket and we aren't sure which style to get.  He has a Prince Charlie rented for the upcoming Robbie Burns dinner.  He's quite stunning all dolled up.  Now for me to figure out what I'll be wearing!  Stayed tuned for photos early February.

Well, I must get myself dressed and get something productive accomplished while Joe is out in the field trouble shooting.  I know which direction he's headed but after that, it's all dependent on the phone calls!  Have a good one!

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