Jan 30 2011

What a difference eight days makes!  I found my quilting mojo once again.  I hope to have a project off the frame this afternoon and start on the binding this evening at our group gathering.  I can't believe how first you lose your touch when you don't practice as often as you can.

Feathers have always been something I have strived for and it never hit me until I watched an online piece in which the expert said...'if you can't draw it, you can't stitch it!'  WOW!  Profound words and oh so very true.  So, instead of having the week's menu posted on the pantry blackboard, I'm practicing feathers whenever I"m waiting to stir something on the stove.  I must say, my drawings have improved dramatically.  Not sure when I'll try it with thread and fabric.

Cross stitch hasn't started yet but it will.  I finger has improved and I can do a couple of stitches before I cramp up.  Progress is progress.  I did stop in my LNS and picked up a couple darling little things for some happy mail.  Stay tuned!

Joe went to MMA Friday with his best friend.  They had incredible seats and thoroughly enjoyed the action, blood included.  I haven't been to one of these since the mid 1990's when the only doctor who would consider attending was from the base.  Now I'm sure each fighter has their own team of drs and specialists.  

FYI I quite like having a small tickler file to work from. Things still get attended to in a timely fashion and yet I'm not overwhelmed by the feeling I should be working in the home office every day.  I've set myself up with a basic spreadsheet to track our household expenses and have a draft version of a new budget done.  Now to tweak things to maximize our savings and minimizing our living expenses.  But we still want to have some fun!!!

Hope everyone is doing well.  Leave a comment and let me know how things are with you.

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