Feb 27 2012

What a crazy month it has been.  We had only planned on the 1 trip this month.  Had being the operative word.  Right after our Robbie Burns getaway, Joe headed to northern BC with a stop over in NWT for work.  He returned late Thursday night and was back in the office Friday morning.  Then his phone rang.

Seems he had to head east to the Yorkton SK area.  Their cook had a family emergency requiring a trip out after someone brought in a replacement cook.  So Joe asked me if I wanted to ride along so we could catch up, otherwise I was home alone.  It was a great trip, roads were clear and I got a chance to see first hand a rig camp.  Lucky me I even got to spend the night.  I found it almost claustrophobic with very small widows in only a few of the rooms.  I knew right away camp life isn't for this girl, but I do have a better understanding of what Joe experiences when he's on the road. 

The following weekend we had an opportunity too good to pass up!  We got tickets for the opening ceremonies in Red deer for the 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts!!! We had attended some mid week draws in 2004 and had a marvelous time.  We went down just for the day, roads again cooperated for the most part.  

After the ceremonies were officially opened we met Lesley and the kids in the parking lot for a truck box exchange.  Apparently Aaron had spoken with Joe about putting this up when we were in the area 2 weeks prior but Joe forgot and we brought the wrong vehicle.  So Lesley brought it part way for us.  Got it out of their way in the garage and Joe now has a nice box for his tools etc.  

Back inside we were treated to the Hot Shot competition.  The skill levels of these curlers is phenomenal.  It seemed that the double take out was the most challenging.  NT/YT's skip ended up winning the 2 year lease of a brand new car!  We then grabbed a quick hot dog lunch...it was Saturday after all!!!...and then Draw 1 began.  Out of the 4 rinks, three of them had to go into an extra end to decide the winner.  What a great start!  

This past weekend we stayed home!  What a nice change of pace.  We slept in both mornings and then got right at reworking our laundry/exercise/home office room.  Tomorrow we get our new washer/dryer delivered and I hope to get my desk all set up before the bills pile too high.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week, enjoy the extra day this year!

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