March 5, 2012

Did you laugh this past weekend?

We did. It was spontaneous, at home not fancy schancy movie production or comedy club. It was downstairs in the basement laundry room while finishing up a small but much needed project.

I had been having issues with our washer for quite some time and had threatened it with replacement several times if it didn't smarten up.  Well the last incident when the belt slipped and started to over heat was the final straw.  We ordered a new washer and dryer.

It was the perfect time to repatch the walls, paint and generally fix the room up.  The whole project moved at a snail's pace because we also had the treadmill, deep freezer and my computer desk and file cabinet in this same dark room.

Do you think we could remember how we managed to get the bigger than the door frame treadmill in so we could get it out?????  That took so head scratching with a very heavy and awkward piece of machinery.

What was so funny was us trying to move the file cabinet without ripping the new laid floor.  They looked closed but they weren't!!!!  There Joe was trying to lift and swing around the cabinet when all 3 drawers suddenly flew open the full length making Joe's end super heavy.  It was straight out of the Keystone Kops or the 3 Stooges. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to p** my pants. Then there was the clown feet incident - you had to be there for this visual!  Joe, thanks for the belly laughs and all your hard work over the past days. 

We make a good team, can't wait for the next flash of brilliance aka home reno project!

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