March 26, 2012

It was another great weekend.  Joe's cousin Lucie came up for a visit.  It was unfortunate she arrived in the midst of a spring snowstorm and left abruptly Sunday evening  after learning of yet another impending dump of snow. 25 cm on the QE2 is not a fun drive. We are so very glad Lucie has winter tires on her car,knows the road well and had a couple of back up plans should the conditions worsen before she got home.

Do you love bling?  Love the look without the expensive price tag?  Marilu has started an exciting new hobby which she hopes will turn into a small home based business.  She is making the most wonderful beaded bracelets!  Her prices are so reasonable how could you not get 2 or 3 to wear!  
Her blog is The Bracelet Lady please check it out!

Joe & I took in the Home & Garden Show Friday, hoping for information and possible deals on new eavestrough and bathroom.  Now to wait for quotes and follow up on these contacts. I did spot a great idea that I"m going to use outside this year.  I was wondering what to do with the old laundry tub...I'm gonna plant it!  With what is yet to be decided.

Saturday we headed out to check out smokers.  Joe had the opportunity to use one last fall at camp and we've been researching them ever since.  Saturday Joe acquired a cast iron smoke box for the bbq and tried it out on a rack or 3 of ribs.  They were tasty but Joe wasn't entirely satisfied with the results.  He was after a moister rib so...I have ordered him a small version of the one he tried and loved at camp.  It should be delivered before Joe gets home from his latest trip.

Sunday Lucie was kind enough to treat us to a movie...Hunger Games.  This was a rare time when I watched a novel based movie without having read the book.  Hello for jumping out of my seat more than once!  Another trilogy to put on my To Read List!  

My seeds are sprouting quite well. No sign of any jalapenos yet but I haven't given up hope, still early.  Joe and I have a raised bed in one of our local community garden locations.  I was turn last year between focusing on the Legacy quilt and helping with this worthy new project.  They did very well without me!  I have more flex time and have jumped on board and am looking forward to getting our new larger location going. For more details CLICK HERE 

Quilting took a break this past weekend.  The week before I quilted Carol's flannel scrap project as well as Sharon's cotton one.  Both very different ways of using up scraps.  I also did my contribution.  These will be donated to our local family services. 
Hope things are well with you!  Have a great week!

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