Ok, after much too long, I'm trying to blog again.  I've been challenged by DD2 to post daily for 30 days and 5 of the weeks posts must contain photos. As October has just here, this should be fairly easy to do as I have a lot of exciting stuff ahead.

We entertained 2 of the grandboys and managed to get tee off times for our last game of the year.  The parents knew about this, sow e were confident it was going to be a fabulous day. 

Can you tell what's wrong with this first photo?  Probably not.  My feet are in the brown shoes.  The other feet are the grands and they are wearing my shoes.  Somehow, their sneakers never got packed.  Talk about a scurry to find something suitable that weren't going to look like clown shoes! Actually the boys did quite well in them.

Thing 1 having an awesome game with his brand new clubs Auntie H got him.  I can't wait until next season when he's just a tad quite taller.  As it was he was on the green on the second shot.
Thing 2 also had a fabulous game.  He is now using my first set of clubs, he's grown that much.  He has quite the way with his chip n his all time favorite club!

I'm more than a bit rusty with blogger, but I'm sure it'll come back to me - I hope anyways!
Have a great day and I hope to get back here often enough to know my blog!!!

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Lesley said...

I felt a bit rusty too!!!! Sorry about the shoes but looks like it made for a funny story :o)