Dr Oz would be proud!

He's always talking about feeding our bodies the very best we can, especially tomatoes which he says we should have daily in some form or another.  

We had our very best season to date!  I started all the seeds in the spring, 3 varieties - Tiny Tims, Early Girl and an off brand of Giant.  Well they all out performed, with some of the giant's coming in around a pound each.  They were sort of flat, not very globe like but you could get 3 or 4 thick slices just perfect for a sandwich.  Yum.  Will have to see what I decide to grow early 2013.

This healthy food topic is on everyone's lips with the latest E coli situation and the ever expanding beef recall.  It really makes a person think about their food safety and how to best protect it. I think it comes down to 


The less the food has been handled and messed with, the better.  Why aren't home meat grinders more popular?  Get your meat as whole as you and your situation merits, and grind it when needed and only as much is needed.  Nothing would sit in the meat case for hours/days, fingers poking holes in the wrap...ugh...I just don't want to go there....not a pretty picture.  

OT - it's Oct 1, our area has snow in the forecast...now that's really not a pretty picture!!!

****Does anyone know why some words end up as a link of some sort?  Noticed this on other people's posts?  Just wondering...****

Stay well until next time!


Krista G Johnston said...

I LOVE garden fresh veggies, so much tastier than store bought ones!
Some words in my author blog turn up as links because I turn them into links. There is a spot when you are composing your blog that allows you to type in the address of the page you want to link to, and then you type in the word you want to be used as the link (often times the word HERE, or for me, usually the title of my book). Hope this answers your question!

Lesley said...

I have no idea about the link but sometimes when I send messages with iPhone it automatically hightlights certain words?