So worth the hassle

Our dishwasher leaked under the parquet floor that I refinished in 2000, causing a fair amount to warp. What to do, what to do. Our options ranged from me sanding down the damaged area and refinishing it as best I could to match the rest of the floor or replace it. 

We looked at all the DIY projects keeping in mind that I had always said if we could change it I would want something lighter, easier on my feet and legs in a "tile look". Because one floor flows into the other we were looking at approximately 350 sq feet plus whatever to match any pattern. In the end we chose a sheet vinyl product which was installed over a new subfloor over the parquet. I was happy we didn't have to remove the old floor and haul away. The install took 2 days. We are very happy with the results. 

The down side of doing one home reno project is it spurs more!  Yup!  We have a new project on the near horizon.  The hall closet at the front door had these gigantically tall sliding doors which never slid smoothly. So we are going to be drywalling part of the closet opening and installing a regular 2 hinge door.  Our plan is to get a door style that matches the 6 raised panel front entry and then eventually change out all the interior doors to match. We'll be saying bye bye to the kitty doors that Chow used.

Today marks the conclusion of the blog challenge of posting every day for the month including graphics in at least 5 of 7 posts. Yeah me, I did it. Now the big question...will I continue? Stay tuned to find out!



Lesley said...

Looks fantastic! I need to free up a weekend to come check it out.

Michelle said...

It looks great! Good choice. Michelle