Waaaaay to early IMHO

Last night the beginning of our heating season...sigh...so I nudged it up a bit and reprogrammed the thermostat this morning.

My choice to get warm is to snuggle under a lap quilt with a cup of tea and perhaps a juicy book to read. Lucky me to have such a tasty selection of loose and bagged tea on hand. More than enough to share with a friend.

My second favorite way to warm up is with a hot cup of homemade soup. Today's selection is cauliflower turkey. We'll be having a turkey dinner this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving which means next week I'll be simmering up another batch of delicious liquid goodness! I've got some kale so maybe that'll find its way into the pot along with some garden fresh carrots and perhaps a tomato or 2.

Thanks Jenn for stopping by my blog yesterday!I'm quite enjoying this challenge and find myself spending less and less time @ fb.  Win win.  Have a great day everyone!!!


Lesley said...

We had a nasty surprise when our furnace kicked in the other night - the smoke alarms went off. We had the furnace cleaned end of August but apparently there was enough dust burning off to send the signal.

Yesterday's soup for me was Tortilla Soup. It was a little thin so I mixed in some leftover white rice (yes white death rice) and a sprinkle of cheese and it was delicious!

Jennifer Brown said...

I think you ladies need to share your recipes! If you are ever stuck for a day, that would be a post I'd use.