Gotta have the timing right!

We always said it's all in the timing...for a multitude of things. This past summer vacation it seemed that everything just fell into place after only casual planning. For instance, we were driving in an ugly thunder/hail storm hoping to find a vineyard to visit when we rounded the bend in the road, the skies cleared and there it was. Got out, walked around, tasted a bit (burp) and it was lovely. 

I had tried to get my mind wrapped around Sudoku when it first became popular. I could get so far along and then get tripped up by my many 'notes' and then toss it in the corner. This summer I bought another puzzle book and was determined but not driven to figure these out. The light came on. I'm still working on the easier ones but my thought process/technique is solid. Yea me! 

On that note, I solved a basic puzzle and turned it into a lap quilt for someone special who has admired my work. Whatcha think? Each number has its own fabric. This was a great stash buster.


Jennifer Brown said...

Its so Beautiful!


Lesley said...

Love it! I suck at Suduko.