Happy New Year!!!!

Today began with a sense of excitement and well being for what lies ahead. 

I'm not one to make resolutions on New Year's Day. Too many folks do and then fail. I try and circumvent failure by starting a few days earlier. This year is not an exception. 

Along with Joe, Lesley and Aaron, we are doing a weight loss/get fitter challenge. Weigh in was yesterday and final weigh in will be Good Friday. More than enough time to see some significant change and get into a healthier routine. There's also enough time to not do well and fall behind. Each has to make that choice for themselves. Because of the different ages etc, we will be using the body fat % ratio as a determining factor of the true winner, who gets some $$$ for a new spring/summer wardrobe in a much smaller size. 

Hope you have some personal goals to reach for in 2013. All the best in the days to come!


Linda Merritt said...

Love that you are starting a weight loss challenge. Mine will come in the form of the motivation to get into a bikini for a much anticipated trip to Mexico. Good luck to all of you!

Alberta said...

Bikinis are an awesome incentive especially if it comes with a trip somewhere tropical! Do you have a favourite place in Mexico for your get always?