A Happy Couple!

I'm trying to figure out my scanner, it's quite a bit more complex than the one I gave Lucie.
So why did I trade? Well with all of my paperwork, I really need a 3 in 1. I'll be able to get faxes, once I figure that out, but one thing at a time. I can make copies almost with my eyes closed!
So here is one of my first photos scanned.... Well after two tries, I think I have a keeper! Just for you Lucie! Maybe you could tell me what year this was, for my records...Thanks!


Lesley said...

That's a great picture Mom! I'll have to save it and print it off for my albums! Although I didn't see that one before so that must have been in the box with the green floral leisure suit, I'm cringing just thinking about it! Maybe we'll have to go through those this weekend.

Lucie & Co. said...

That picture has always been one of my favorites, it was Mom & Dad's anniversary but I'm just not sure which one. They were always happy together, and Dad was the kind of man who would come home with little gifts for Mom, "just because he thought she would like it". One of her favorites is a sliver heart pendant with a key inside that he gave her when we were still all living at home.