My head is spinning!

Seems that my Dad needs a new bed so now I have the big decision to make. He's in a hospital bed right do I a) just try and get a new mattress for the old frame or b) get him a whole new bed...and figure out what to do with the old frame. I have a lead on a place that loans out hospital beds in Dad's area when needed. I think I will have to make some inquiries and those answers will point me in the right direction.
The bed issue may be the easy part...Dad also needs new clothes and shoes. It was almost impossible to fit him for his Clark's from 5 years ago...he doesn't like to try things on and he doesn't see anything wrong with the ones on his feet, even through he looked like Agador from The Birdcage! Oh well, I'll see if Joe wants to come along and be my backup support....maybe between the 2 of us we can get this done without too much fuss. Naw....probably's going to be as difficult as the last time! But it wouldn't be Dad if it didn't go this way! Maybe I should live closer so that things like this wouldn't be such a big production.

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Anne said...

I can just imagine how difficult it is going to be for you. Wish I could help. I remember when mom would try and get grandmere to buy new shoes, or whatever she needed and grandmere always thought that hers were fine. They just needed polish, laces, and new soles. It was cheaper to just buy new shoes. I guess they are just set in their ways, and I will probably be the same when I get old.