Says it all!

Not that we are suggesting folks deceive others is hockey play off season and WE STILL HAVE A TEAM!!!



bren said...

Well since my beloved Canucks didn't even make the playoffs (the assholes) I am definately all there for my 2nd fave team.....Go Oilers! lol....
I love that you pop into my blog all the time... but you're putting a wee bit of pressure on me to keep it updated :-)
midterms next week so not sure updating is going to happen.
John Page, popped into my blog and told me to say hi to you two!
Love your blog......! Bren

Lucie & Co. said...

I don't think I'll be watching too much hockey before next season. If the Flames aren't playing, there's not much point. We'll get 'em next year.

Alberta said...

Oh pressure at all! You inspire me, going back to school and starting a new career. You rock!