We aren't home free yet!

My computer woes continue today when I installed my security program and uninstalled the trial version that came with the initial operating system. Seems a little bitty bit/byte of whatever didn't go bye bye and was preventing me from checking email and surfing the internet. I'm so glad I had a good tech that I could understand and who spoke non-technic! An hour and a half later, I was back on IE....I think I may still have a wee problem with Outlook, but tomorrow is another day.

Thursday we head to Jasper for Joe's work retreat. He works Friday morning, plays company golf in the afternoon...I get to lay in bed, eat bon bons and read my book! Friday night is a meet & greet with the Americans, Saturday fly fishing, then the big dinner and awards...Sunday more work before checking out....whew...I'm tired! Gotta run, Joe is moving my telephone line......bye!

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