I just wanna have fun!

I am so NOT focused today! Company coming, a quick dust & vac or is it the other way around. Swipe through the bathrooms, empty garbage...pet stuff etc...make ice cubes, stock the bar fridge.

Then the phone rings, Brian! He has to work another shift, so they won't get here until 10 ish Saturday morning. Call Joe, get the golf date re-scheduled...poor Joe, now he has to golf two days in a row...no sleeping in for him!

I wish I had a call from Buffy before they left from NB, just so I know when to expect the next wave of company. Worse case scenerio...people will sleep everywhere...camper, bar, workour area. Stack 'em high we will!

I was going to make a stew so food would be ready when people arrive. Scrap that...I don't eat meef stew. Now it's bbq burgers for 2, munchies after the Calgary gang arrives.

Now, here I sit, wanting to have some fun and the dog and cat are napping! Geesh...I think I'll go into town, get a hair cut and check out the dollar store for Alex's replacement swim goggles.
Until later, when my head slows down to a crawl - have a great weekend!

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The Big Guy said...

Any Alpine in the Bar,,,