Apple Pie & a cup of tea!

What a way to end the wet and cold weekend, warm apple pie made from our very own apples! Would you believe me if I said it wasn't very good? It was EXCELLENT!
We did a test run to make sure it was going to be worth all the prep time before we moved onto the 2 big buckets of apples. We are going to package to up in pie size freezer bags, complete with the sugar and cinnamon...all we will need to do for more pie is prep the crusts, thaw the apples, dump into the pie shell, dot with butter, top and bake!
I feel for those people who live in the concrete jungle, never having dirt under their fingernails, thinking pie comes from Safeway!


bren said...

I hear there are courier companies that will guarantee overnight delivery of a parcel (aka pie) to other provinces, and guarantee their intactness. I can provide you with a current address and a time that I will be home to accept the parcel :-)
I long for the days when I can have my own garden again so I can grow some MaDahlias hehehe.
hugs, Bren

Lucie & Co. said...

I just finished my last piece of Saskatoon Berry pie last night, so there's room in the fridge for more.