Sniff sniff...the veggie garden is done!

All that remains in the garden are the pumpkins...and I need to research those to see if I have to take them in also. I have about 10 pounds of green gotta love fried green tomatoes! Joe helped me pick the rest of the apples...seems I'm too short even standing on something! We have about 50 pounds! We are scheduled for a 6 hour power outage tomorrow so we may be sitting around the kitchen island processing apples tomorrow! I plan on doing them up with cinammon and sugar into pie size freezer bags. I may keep a few of the nice ones for my neighbor and a few baked apple desserts!

But joy...we get to go shopping...checking out a new....drum roll please...SUMP PUMP with a battery back up! Doesn't that sound like fun?! Just to let everyone know, our community has a bylaw in place that requires sump pumps in all new houses...and ours fell into that category. I must say...besides the nuisance of it going off when I walk by the discharge hose...hello wet's no bother except when the power is off for extended periods during rainy season. Bailing is not a fun afternoon activity. But so wet basement!


Cindy said...

Our veggie gardening season is winding down here, too. I picked a ton of green peppers, and pulled out the dead cucumber vines this weekend. The tomato plants were all keeled over from the 6 inches of rain last week. I have never made fried green tomatoes...I'll have to try that!

Alberta said...

Aren't gardens the best thing about summer? I can't imagine myself in an apartment with no dirt to play in. Must be the kid in me coming out!