Now what?

With only one day of pseudo nice weather...fog & +4'C...we delayed the greenhouse floor and decided to winterize around the yard.

So while Joe changed the snow blower oil and got it all gassed up and ready to roar, I did a final lawn mow and got the remaining leaves all mulched. I tried to run the mower out of gas, like the 'books' say you should before winter storage, but after it running for 25 minutes, I gave up. We'll face that issue in the spring.

So planters are tucked away as are the deck chairs & picnic table. The only thing on the deck is the BBQ and the small coffee table that Chow likes to sit on in the sun.

The big discussion of the day was the hot tub. Yes Joe should be around this winter, but we thought with a new grandchild soon arriving, why should we hang around the house on the weekends.

So with that, we drained and winterized the tub. Over the next few months, we had to source out a replacement cover. Our genuine naugahide vinyl has begun to weather split and it isn't pretty! Rumour has it a new cover will run us ~$300 or more! Ouch! Oh well, a small price to pay for the enjoyment we do get when it's up and running. I need to go back in my calendar, but I think it was going late March...which is a fine time, just before all that back breaking spring set up around the yard.

So with no tub to ease our sore muscles last night, we eased on down into the bar for some refreshments and a best of 5 Sequence games. Yours truly came out the victor!

So today we are going out for a spin on the Anthony Henday extension...can travel from the QEII to the Yellowhead with only lights at the Stoney Plains crossover. And we may stop into IKEA, just because I don't get to that part of the city very often.

Hope the party goers have lots of pics to post later today...can't wait to see the wedding outfits!

ps - yesterday's weather matched the performance of our football team! So with that ending, I shall be backing the Roughriders, cuz -

win or lose, they have BOOZE!

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