Still warm!

The wind was howling last night. I took one last look out the back to make sure everything was OK before heading to bed...something just didn't quite right at the greenhouse. I quickly dressed and went out to find a roof hatch was open. I tied it down as a precaution and will look at it in the daylight. Hopefully it simply came unhooked.

Out the front, the snow had blown into the front walkway and the bottom 3 steps to the porch were totally covered with hard pack. There isn't much accumulation on the driveway, just where it drifted...both sides! No snow in the middle! That's polished ice now!

I cleared the steps and walkway after I put out the trash for pickup. The driveway can wait until daylight in about an hour or so.

In the meantime....Happy Birthday Lynn! My baby sister is 46 today. Her boys Gary & Brian are cooking her supper! Enjoy yourself...hope you don't get stuck with the dishes!

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