Saturday night fighting

We weren't exactly fighting, just having an all out game of Scrabble! You have to understand that I've always loved Scrabble, played it with my Dad. and he used to take a loooong time to find a great word and get the bonus points for using all his tiles. I then introduced Joe to Scrabble, his spelling wasn't very good. Now...OMG...I lose to Joe about 3 out of 5 games!

Last night's was close...we were tied and Joe had 1 last chance to lay down his last tile before It got deducted, which would make me the winner. Didn't I go and show him a spot where he could make 2 new words. Joe said he seen it on his own...bit I so want to be the woman behind a successful man even if it means my un-doing! Great game Joe!

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