What a game!

The home team won 10-1, I felt bad for The Pontiac's but when I had a chance to study the roster, I realized that the shoe may very well be on the other foot next year. 9 of the 24 Traders will max out age wise this season...so that will mean a huge re-building for the 07/08 season. Still no word on whether they will move to St Albert.

For no other reason than because the Traders were playing our past fave's, Joe bought a program. He never does this but last night he dug into his pocket and then into my pocket to get one. I chuckled that if there was a star he would be the one playing the goofy intermission game on ice.

We found some good seats, I checked the roster sheet while Joe flipped through the program and then came the groan...Joe was selected to play Shoot to win on centre ice at the first intermission! He tried to persuade me to do it and I had a great out - my back was quite sore yesterday! So Joe decided to go back to the program seller and swap it for a non - winner.

When he got there a Dad and young son ~ 8 yrs, were getting a program and mentioned maybe they would win something. Joe asked if they would like to increase their odds by swapping programs...they did.

When the time came, the young fellow with Dad watching from the sidelines, stepped out onto the ice. He was wearing a hockey jacket and the way he carried his stick, you just knew this wasn't the first time he approached a puck. Well didn't he do himself, his Dad and us proud when he slapped that puck straight into the $50 slot on the net! That was our highlight of the game! Joe got a big thank you from Dad at the canteen later...that was the right thing to do!

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