Thanks Joseph & Alex!

How they knew that their Nannie was just getting into the series 24, is beyond me. And for them to know that I really needed Season 3 is outstanding!

I do realize that we are late getting into this, but I tried to watch a show mid stream and couldn't make head nor tails of it. Joe got me Season 1 & 2 for Christmas. We are in the process of taping Season 6 without watching.... all we really need now is a big honking snow storm that keeps us grounded in the house!

BTW - HL - you can't take season 2 back with you cuz I'm still watching to find a great hiding place! I know a real good one but it's only good for silver dollars!

Thanks again Lesley, Aaron, Joseph & Alex for such a thoughtful birthday present!

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Glad to see you are coming along great on your cross stitch. Lookin good!