Surviving - how about you?

Joe's birthday was quiet. We finally ate the 3 day to cook roast pork with smashed spuds, gravy and green beans. Jo next door gave Joe a golf pass - woot woot and I got Joe a smoothie blender for the bar. Heather sent along some tunes...a Stomping Tom concert as well as some Neil Diamond favorites. Joe has lots of tunes to trot along to! I can't say run because it's half fast walk half slow jog - trot! Nothing yet from the Beck's but I know there's something in the works for next week, even if it's just puppy sitting.

We tried the smoothie machine yesterday after I got more fruit...and I have to tell sure beats a commercial one! Joe did up banana strawberry and was it good! Now to keep my eyes peeled for great fruit & prices! I'm hoping to try a different one before the weekend so we can dazzle Lucie. I know she really likes the E*rl's peach Bellini but it's so hard to find frozen peaches and fresh aren't in season yet. With all the syrup, I think canned ones would be a disaster!

Yesterday Joe and company cooked up hamburgers and hot dogs for a local native band celebrating treaty day. I think the head count was ~ 1800...that's a lot of burger flipping! Today he's doing the company golf thing so the city office crew can get to know the local town gang. Jo next door is having her very first golf game...I think we are going to do friendly best ball with her & Ken some weekend when we are all available.

I hope all the Dad's have a fabulous Father's all deserve it. Enjoy the crunchy scrambled eggs and burnt toast too! It's the thoughts that count!

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