Fort Edmonton Park

We recently had a chance to step back in time and were pleasantly surprised. It's a self guided tour with characters interacting with visitors while maintaining their role's integrity.

We arrived at the fort itself after a brief train ride. This train had been featured in Brad Pitt's movie about Jesse James.
What a great looking clay oven...almost wish I had one in the back yard!
Joe, looking so small in the entrance door to the fort.
One of Joe's favorite rooms!

As we walked from display to display we found some treasures from our past! There before us were the very same headboards that now grace the grandkids bedroom in our home! Mom had found them while yard sailing in the Eastern Townships. It was a definite labour of love, because Mom had to scrape away layers of paint off those spindles. She only found the headboards, not the foot boards. Thank goodness!

I can remember growing up, always having 3 basics things in the medicine chest. They were Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve - good for man or beast! and Minard'sLinimint! Didn't we find 2 of the 3 in the drug store display!
This is a fine carousel, boldly painted horses as well as various local scenes from early Edmonton around the top. Despite the worldliness of today's youngsters, it was nice to see so many lining up to ride their favorite steed!

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Anonymous said...

Hey 'Berta! I'm so glad you got to go the the Fort. It's one place I really would have liked to have visited before we left Alberta. Thanks for sharing your pictures! And thanks for spending time with us during our time here in Alberta, it's been wonderful. We will definitely miss you guys! Love, Paula