May 3rd and I feel so behind in everything!

Is it the fact we have a very busy summer approaching that may run into mid autumn?

We replaced the lawn mower & BBQ today. The mower got favorite 'friend' replied almost instantly and I just wanted it gone from the yard. He
s good at picking up ...I think he may be the type that runs yard sales all year round, but at this point, I don't care.

Joe got the tub up and running...we need to order a new top after we get the correct measurements and perhaps do a little comparison shopping. Like everything else, they went up in price.

We got new bed rails to replace the 33" ones we had. The bed is now a respectably 28" nose bleeds from being so close to the ceiling!

As for the rest of the day, I didn't finish much but I sure was busy...wish busy was synonymous for productive...but it doesn't fit today.

I was just running through my Sunday when the phone rang...Lucie is town...I had forgotten and we are meeting for breakfast. I think I'm heading off to bed before I fall down and can't get up!

Sleep tight everyone!

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