Busy street!

This morning I seen a 'gaggle' (what is the collective word for lots of these...that aren't in a car lot!) of limos driving into town! Our local high school is having their graduation today and the prom tonight. I hope not to hear any horror news stories in the morning. They've been quite good, having safe grads etc.

On my way to recycle, our 4 way stop corner was quite congested. People standing on the side of the road, chatting with writing instruments, cars parked along to road, some precisely, others, not so much. Oh I should also mention the presence of a certain unpopular guy standing behind the portable radar gun!!!!! They were tagging folks going too fast through the school zone. Keep up the great work.

Outside, lots of racket from the neighbours...they are having their back deck ripped up and replaced! I'm glad it wasn't warm or dry enough to hang my clothes out to dry...sawdust everywhere!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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