Excellent Movie...we almost missed it!

Sunday was a very wet one and Joe and I couldn't get outside to finish our latest project so we headed to our local video store. We weren't the first with that idea and the shelves were somewhat empty. But another couple also browsing suggested SECONDHAND LIONS, said it was well worth a viewing. Well we finally got around to watching it and it's a great family style movie.

HERE and watch a short trailer as posted on YouTube. The movie was released in 2003, and I'm not sure why I never heard of it before...ok...stop laughing...I'm not that up on the world of entertainment!If you have seen this, I'd be very interested in your thoughts on it.


Anonymous said...

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Brenda said...

I just checked out the trailer for second hand lions and it is definately a rainy day movie that Candice and I would like. I dont recall seeing it advertised either. But thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Loved Loved LOVED that movie