1 square foot of the 7th of 9 garden beds left to do

There I was, cruising to a finish and thinking I would reward myself with a cup of green tea on the front porch when the first crack boomed overhead! Dropped the metal tools, grabbed my MP3 player with audio book and ran indoors.
It continued long enough for my to grab my camera and catch a few pics and a very mini video clip.

I had watered the lawn a few mornings ago and this morning applied my magic potion of fertilizer and seaweed with a drop of dish soap, so this rain will be a welcomed addition. I just hope the hail didn't do too much damage.

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Anonymous said...

Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes! I have some climbing bean plants that were supposed to reach about 5 feet high and are now stretching out to almost 8 feet and still reaching, and though it sure looks like we will be getting rain, these past few days the sun managed to scare away all the clouds before noon! I was hop[eing for a good soaker for the plants, but I guess my trusty watering can will get another work out tonight! *L*