Week of much needed rain

Some days it was constant and heavy, other days it would sputter throughout. That made it a challenge for someone to get his tub time in but he managed. Papa even taught JT how to use his snorkel and that was the beginning of a new era.

Before the boys would splash about while I weeded the garden. Now with the snorkel, JT is swims in stealth mode! If I stretch my neck I can see the orange tip of the snorkel moving in a circular motion. But I now have to almost stand there and watch every movement. But you know, I AM the proud Nannie!

Now to wait for the lawn to dry up enough to mow! Paul...it's not as long as your was but for us...it's pretty shaggy!

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mumzy said...

We finally got some nice weather this week and today was the first time since the middle of June that I had to water my flower garden. Before this week, we had so much rain, it was depressing.

It sounds like JT is really taken to snorkeling.