Happy St Patrick's Day!

Growing up I always associated this day with all things green...we would wear something green but it wouldn't always be visible...like green panties.  Then we moved to NB and this day always seemed to bring the mother of all snowstorms that brought things to a white standstill.  Is that still the case?  Now others love this day and the great food and green beer.

Joe is celebrating at work...it's a stew cook off!  Joe started his entry on Monday and let it slowly simmer all day, sending its aroma throughout the house and even out the open windows.  He made a couple of batches of green chili cheddar tea biscuits to accompany the stew.  I preheated it enough to take the chill off it before filling the crockpot...and boy my stomach was rumbling with hunger!  I hope Joe wins!

We did some Bath & Body Works shopping for Heather...save her form having to lug it back in May when she comes out.  I was pleasantly surprised to see they are going to be opening Teaopia near Lulu Lemon & B&BW!  They sell every imaginable loose tea you could imagine.  Lucky me, I received a beautiful tea cup with infuser for Christmas.  Right now I use my tea bags with the infuser but can't wait to try Caramelisimo or Lovely Lavender or my favorite Earl Grey!

Weather-wise we have been above normal temperatures but that is coming to an end...freezing rain this morning as Joe left for work and we may hit a high tomorrow of -1.  Hope it warms up for the weekend...Lucie is visiting us Saturday evening and we have a BBQ planned.   

If you visit, please leave a comment so I know I'm not just blabbering on to myself...I do that anyways!  Seems folks are getting uber busy again and blogging is taking the back seat to FB and life in general.

Until next time!


Newbie said...

Nope, not blabbering to yourself. I enjoy your reads. Sure would love to try those biscuits. Sounds delish! Michelle

Anne said...

I watch for your updates daily. Love hearing the news. I know I should update more often. I find I am so busy now that the nice weather has arrived.
Earl Grey is my fav tea also. LOVE IT!!!!
Here's hoping Joe wins the stew contest. He probably will with the biscuits....

New MrsIngram said...

I'm here .. just too lazy to sign in sometimes.

The blogging has been dying off hasn't it. Atleast we still have you and Les to keep us updated on the things we can't be apart of on your end of the country.