Changing my ways

I realize I should be posting pics from our recent jaunt to NB.  However I felt this needed to be addressed.

Our health + plastics in the microwave = ?

Ever since the whole BPA 'event' and the not so long ago follow up about BPA being found in urine & blood samples, I've wondered what the relationship was with our love of the microwave.  In my mind there must be a link.

So I am tossing my plastics that I used to microwave in and slowly replacing them with glass containers. I really like the more tomato stains!  However they don't stack as nice in the cupboard and of course...they don't bounce!

I have yet to decide what to do with my Pampered Chef items...I know health is more important than the super easy convenience of heating some veg and draining it effortlessly.  If anyone knows of a glass type equivalent, please let me know. If you have inside information on these items, I would appreciate that also.

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Lesley said...

We don't use the microwave often - mostly popcorn and reheating my coffee many many times a day. There must be a glass version of the pampered chef one...might need a trip to crate and barrel to source it out ;o)