Jay Leno

Our experience at Jay Leno  and The Tonight Show was totally different.  A comedian warmed the crowd up prior to Jay coming out for an informal chat with the audience.  He's very much a touchy feely kind of guy, encouraging the audience to come down to the stage and ask questions and get their photo taken.  Of course Jay hams it up and his responses are quick and on target for the most laughs.   Jay is not an actor trying to be funny, he's a natural comic and his timing perfect.

They tape the show @ 4 pm for airing that same night. Watching the staff was amusing.  The hair/makeup lady would brush Jay's hair just before the taping began and as soon as her back was turned to leave the stage, up went Jay's hand as he ran it through his freshly coiffed hair!  Again, once Jay was on stage, he was there for the entire taping.

His first guest was Harrison Ford.We were in the third row and to see him up close, well he is a fantastic actor because he isn't anywhere near as outgoing and dynamic as the characters he has played.  There was zero indication that he was Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones.Ford is very meek, mild and a bit of the absent minded professor but very well spoken.

Later Jay hosted another comic Whitney Cummings and a strange (new to me) band Gogol Bordello.It was all very entertaining and educational.

We had a chance to drive up Mullholland Dr and see the Hollywood sign.  Too bad it was a bit smoggy that evening as sunset was approaching.  It was a marvelous experience, I can chalk that off my bucket list.  I don't need to go back.

One thing I found surprising, was how dirty some areas are, especially along the freeways.  Of course, I wouldn't want to be the one out there picking up trash with 8 lanes of cars zipping past me in either direction.  But the affluence was very evident as you drove, with stark distinctions because on the other side of an intersection.  Lots of homes still up for sale.  Times are still tough.  But they sure know how to feed you.  Their portions are so large, no wonder so many have a weight issue.  I just eat often, that's my excuse!!!

Yes Joe found his biscuits and gravy and they were delicious.  In fact he had it twice in the few days we were there!   What a guy. Now to wait until our next trip south or I suppose he can play around in the kitchen re-creating the recipe!

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mumzy said...

Sounds like you had a ball at the Jay Leno taping. I would have loved to see Harrison Ford in person.

The trash on the freeways is not very nice but we found that in Naples, Florida, they have prisoners cleaning it up. I have to say it makes a big difference in the beauty of the freeways.

Meari said...

What an experience at the Leno Show. :) Glad you had a good time.