Got the full meal deal on the way home

Not sure of the morning rush hour traffic on the way back to LAX, we checked out fairly early so we wouldn't be rushed returning the rental and then finding our terminal.

The car return system was amazing.  But you would expect that as they get an average of 1400 cars back on a week day.  You pull into an indicated row where a person is awaiting for you and they go through the car with you on the spot.  The whole process took maybe 3 minutes and we had our finalized papers in our hand and headed to catch the shuttle to the airport. The driver asked our flight carrier and he stopped right at the door.  Wonderful service!

So we had LOTS of time to kill before our flight.  We went in, there were escalators, so we hopped on and up we went.  Well, guess what was at the top? Security!  There was no other place to go but through it. We figured we'd check our bag and walk around find somewhere for breakfast, maybe pick up a magazine. NOPE!  

There were no line ups, we were cornered!!!!   Joe went through first and then me.

Oh how lucky I was that day!  I tell you, the stars were all in alignment for me.  Yup.  Yours truly got the full meal deal.  Went through the metal detector, nothing beeped.  And then it happened...I got a full body scan!!!  Add that bit of radiation to my body & soul.  But no, there was a bit more.  I got the full body pat down!!!!!  Hands rubbing over me just gave me the creeps, especially when she took her time and redid a certain spot.  Oh the indignity of it all.

But, they take their security dead serious and after last week's explosive discovery, I'm glad to have had the experience.  I like it when someone wants to take that much care in ensuring the safety of their passengers!

Now the big I glow in the dark?  Maybe just a little bit?  Tee Hee!


mumzy said...

Your experience at the security check point is not one that I would enjoy either. But, it would make one feel a little more safe.

The car rental service is amazing. We went through something similar a couple of years ago when we flew out west.

Glowing in the dark might not be so bad. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate the pat down lol! I have it everytime I fly because my pacemaker sets off the metal detector, and I always have to strip off all my outerware, shoes and let my hair down if its up. Drives me nuts but what can we do?