and you thought I fell off the wagon!!!!!

The blogging wagon that is.  I seldom drink and when I do it's only one or 2.  Gout is not my friend!
On Joe's last day home this month we braved the freezing temperatures...-28°C...and dashed out for a hot soak.  We stayed for over an hour, mostly because we didn't want that dash back into the house!  Thursday Joe left just ahead of a snow system.  It's been snowing every since.
Looking out from my front porch, this greets me.
Down the driveway towards the street...more snow.  The snow bank is now taller than me!  And I'm running out of places to put all this lovelyness!
Look up, way up...this is the roof peak over the front steps.  We had a similar one over the back door until the wind shifted and down she came.  Thank goodness no one was standing under it at the time.  And no I can't knock it down...That is a good 20 feet above the porch.
Seems just like  5 days ago this was cleared off.  


It's time for me to go and shovel some more.  Hopefully twice today will keep the driveway and sidewalks clear. I won't complain though, a quilting friend called last night to see how I was doing and to volunteer some help to clear the driveway if I needed it.  That in itself warmed my soul.


Tootsie said...

I feel your snow pain did that same darn thing here...and is snowing some more!!!
I think maybe a snow plow thing would be a great investment for the front of a quad...or a snowblower for these types of days...
I had a drift hanging year it fell on me and it hurt like heck as that snow is heavy when it is packed like this year I went to Costco and picked up a snow rake...they are amazing! you can make the handle really long or really short and get the snow off those spots!
I love the photo of the hot tub in the it felt good!
stay warm...hugs from your Alberta neighbor!!!

mumzy said...

My, you do have a lot of snow in your area. We have been getting a couple of inches at a time quite often but we don't have anything like you have. Hopefully, you will not get more snow soon, and don't overdo it in the shovelling department. Take care.