Vacation 2011

January means planning, lots of planning, whether it be gardening projects, things to address around the house or gathering ideas for R & R.

A number of years ago we had planned an Alaskan vacation but something came up...I forget what but it may have been April & Henry's it got postponed.  So what to do...something similar as last year and head south and enjoy total pampering on the beach or head north with more substantial clothing and see something totally new.

I have always wanted to do a small cruise along the Alaskan coastline and this may be the year.  Seems there is the Alaskan Marine Highway aka car ferry which runs from Prince Rupert BC to Skagway and other ports.  Just so happens we have dear friends along the way and relatives in Rupert.  We are thinking of driving back via Whitehorse and pop in a see more friends before heading home.

Decisions decisions.  The exchange rate makes me think we should get bookings and lock this in soon. What are your travel plans?

I should mention we are still heading to GTA for Alli's wedding and a meeting of the relatives in the area.  I wouldn't totally rule out a tropical getaway even stateside next winter.  I'm getting soft or it's getting colder!


Lesley said...

I was just pricing out Mexico, still $1330/person. If it was anywhere around $900 I probably would've just booked it. I'm a planner - not sure I can do the last minute deal!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank and I want to do an Alaskan cruise in a few years time, since the ships port here in Vancouver it'll be an easy trip to the ship for us, but some friends of ours made the cruise a few times and just loved it, lots of R&R and amazing scenery.

Alberta said...


Beth said...

I hope you have the chance to go to Alaska sometime. It's a gorgeous place! We cruised there in 2009.
Blessings, Beth