Ta Da!

I've been reading books that have certainly influenced my mind set in a healthy way. Does it surprise you that it's mostly food related? Didn't think so.

We've always incorporated a few vegetarian meals through out the week. At first it was to save money and that transpire into eating lighter but well when our schedules looked super crazy.

Now it's just me for 3/4 of the month and after 2 meals of whatever I've cooked, I'm sick of it and pitch the rest out. So I'm leaning more and more towards veggie dishes because they are easy peasy to prepare for 1. Have you every tried to roast half a chicken for a Sunday type dinner for 1? Bread is something else had goes stale before I'm finished. I have used Mom's bread machine but wondered if I could do better.

As luck would have it, I came across a few online references that may supply me with all my answers. Last week I signed out this much anticipated book from the library and I think I'll be buying my own copy.

Details on the book can be found on their website HERE  
And yes, it only took about 5 minutes TOTAL of hands on work to produce this beauty!  You mix the master batter, refrigerate.  When you want bread, you cut off a piece, shape and proof it, then bake!  Can't wait to try a different version. Check this out and amaze yourself!


Robert said...

Nice Artisan loaf 'Berta. The recipe is great for pizza as well. Bake it at 500 though.

mumzy said...

That loaf looks yummy. It is hard to cook for one or even two. Roasted chicken or a roast of beef can last forever. Good luck with your new found book.

One said...

Having more vegetarian meals is something that I am working on too. Thanks for coming by. My pest controllers will be looking forward to seeing you around.