I'm sorry I can not remember the source but someone once said you should only try and do 1 passion at a time.  So what's this person to do?

Cross stitch
and on and on and on...

Much took a back seat to the family tree.  It all sparked from  cousin David calling to let me know he published his family tree on ancestry.ca I could find it by searching for myself...nope....wasn't that easy.   Seems a living persons are identified by LIVING and your last name...after 2 days of hours searching, I logged on and seen something which led me directly to the family tree.  Boy did I have fun looking through that.  Intense is a great description.   

Then we had Jeff here for a visit and I wanted to pick his brain about his heritage.  Well one thing led to another and I traced Jonathan's great great great grandparents!  Happy dance!  Then I traced more greats to the point I was so confused!  Seems there isn't a notation for Senior and Junior!  My mind was going in circles before too long!  

Work continues on the Johnston MacAulay website. I guess the opening adage is true...concentrate on one passion at a time!  Until next time!

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