January 24 2011

I went grocery shopping yesterday, mostly for fresh veg & fruit for the new eating program.  As I was walking up and down the aisles of the green grocers, looking at the prices, I had an A-HA moment. We will reach into our pocket and spend $1.20 plus tax to buy a small bag of potato chips as a treat more often than we would pick up a lovely juicy mango for $1.00 no tax!  One has empty calories,salt, chemicals and does nothing for the body and the other is natural, tantalizing on the tongue with vitamins and fibre.  There's something seriously wrong with this picture!

Tonight is the first meeting of our local Community Garden group.  Some from the garden club have poo-poo'd the idea saying why would they want to do that when they already garden at home.  I'm checking it out for the friendship, sharing and perhaps giving back to the community.  I'm hoping there is a place for plant a row for yourself, plant a row for the food bank.  I'm sure folks would love to have fresh root vegetables this fall. I'd also like to try my hand at growing pumpkins, something that wouldn't fit into my flower beds!

We continue to enjoy warm temperatures but that means a bit of freezing rain and very heavy snow loads on roofs.  I think ours is okay because of the slope but I did get out yesterday and get the snow cleared off the top of the greenhouse.  Peaked inside and yes, it's nice & warm!  Can't wait to start growing.  Must finish browsing through the seed catalogs and get my order in! Have a great Day!


mumzy said...

Amazing how one always finds the bad stuff for you tastes a lot better than the foods that are good for you.

Glad to see that you will soon be planting happily. Good luck with the pumpkins!

Meari said...

That is a great A-ha moment. I never thought of it that way either, although I don't buy chips often. I'd rather have fruit :)

Send some of those warm temps my way!