Well, that was a longer delay than I had anticipated!  Sorry about that. No real reason except that I got caught up in 'life' and forgot to blog!

I've finished 2 more baby sized will have to wait until the recipient's see them first, only fair, don't ya think?  I did expand my repertoire into applique.  I did use fusible web, haven't got the needle turn technique anywhere close to being acceptable! Rome wasn't built in a day.

I have lots of seedlings started, but the weather and lack of sunshine has everything way behind schedule.  I hope to get the greenhouse cleaned and ready to receive some of the more hardier flat next week.

I have a town council presentation tonight in conjunction with our grant application for the town centennial.  It's later that I would have liked to get this project flying, but it is what it is!  We may have to hit the ground hard once we get the yea or nay.

We head out tomorrow for an ON trip.  Going to visit some of the family we don't see often as well as celebrate my niece Allison's wedding to her man Eddie.  For a while we weren't sure we could pull this off seeing as Joe lost his job mid month.  Ah the excitement of work in the oil patch!  Kudos to Joe for landing a new position with a few days...and they are letting him make the trip east!  This may be our summer vacation!

I came across a website with lots of simple but effective backgrounds...this is a favorite of mine.  Check out LifeHacker for lots of neat things!


mumzy said...

Just wondering how you made out on your trip and how your centennial project is coming!

Tootsie said...

we've had a week of rain here ...and it stinks. Tonight we got hailed on not once...but twice.
I have all my little flowers planted and was worried sick that the hail may harm them...I hope they are going to get some warm sun soon...this gloomy summer is stinking on ice!
I know exactly what you mean by busy!!!