Not enuff me to go around!

I think that pretty much sums up my blogging absence. It' s not that I've lost interest, just I have had to prioritize my time.  Blogging lost out.

I was right to relinquish my garden club executive duties as of mid June when the new executive takes the helm with a brand new exciting format. I gave it my all for 2 years, time for a change. Good luck to Kathy and her group, can't wait to see things unfold.

The centennial quilt is taking a lot of time, energy and mental ability. We special ordered the fabric which finally came in but we were shorted about 8 metres for the backing.  I keep saying to myself "We will get through this".  I've signed myself up for 3 of the and buggy, grain elevator and garden club blocks.  I'm in the process of drafting the grain elevator based on a magnet Heather gave me a few years ago with a photo of this landmark before it was torn down a few years ago.

Also on the drafting table is a SPLASH themed lap quilt for this summer's Library reading program. Somehow time got away from us and here we are at the eleventh hour trying to pull a rabbit out of our hat! Doing it won't be the issue, it's getting group participation in a timely fashion that's stumbling us up. Top that off with the library physically moving and downsizing for a minimum of 5 months (yeah right!) and we lose our meeting room. sigh I'll get through this too!

The garden is sloooowly starting to come together.  We had frost up until this past Friday/Saturday.  I'm just planting my annuals.  Top that off with a possible case of apple blight and some quick surgery and crossed fingers.  The tree nursery thinks it may also be a case of die back due to the age of the tree. So in the mean time we watch for signs of blight and if so, out comes the work gloves and down comes yet another tree.

When I can fit it into my schedule, I've also started staining the fence...what a long job especially when you have to move things out of the way to get behind.  It will need a second coat but hey, until I get one coat all around I'm not even going to think about a second coat.

Joe has been going all out as well at the new camp - Kirby.  As much work as I had, he had even more.  Construction didn't finish up until the day before the paying clients moved in.  Inspections all got approved last minute also.  All in all, Joe is now enjoying half days at work and getting some really tasty healthy food. Half days folks are 12 hours...sometimes a big 12 hrs!

Hard work will pay off though when we once again soak up the sun on the Mayan Riviera late July.  Should have booked it for late June! ha ha  

And so it goes.  Hope everyone is well and hasn't given up hope of me ever posting again!!!!  What's that adage?  No news is good news.

Take care everyone!  Happy Birthday to those who celebrated, Happy Graduation to the students, and I hope to post before Canada Day 2011!


New MrsIngram said...

Nice to see someone has continued to blog ... you are inspiring me to make an attempt in my always hectic life to do the same. Keep on it .. I love hearing the updates!

mumzy said...

You are one busy lady. I hope you will post pictures of that Centennial quilt. Looking forward to it.