I was so wrong on that prediction!

To post again before Canada Day!  My grandmother once told me that time goes faster as you get older.  She was SO right!

I got the inside of the fence all stained.  I have to wait until we have enough dry days before even thinking about getting on to the outside.  We've had rain every day except for 10 since the beginning of June.

The garden should be looking lush but along with the rain, it's been cold and quite windy.  My delphiniums are blooming but horizontally.  They've blown sideways and I don't want to risk crimping the stems straightening them up. Maybe this is the start of a new trend! ha ha  Fairy ring has moved it.  Our apple tree is struggling...oh the woes.  I shouldn't complain.  Farmers have a lot more at risk.

The Library's summer reading program quilt is finished.  I did an overall wave design which highlighted the fabric.  The reviews were very positive.  We won't know who will own this beauty until the end of August.

The Legacy Quilt project continues.  I had an interview with an area newspaper.

This is my design of our local grain elevator which was torn down in 2002.  I took the concept from a frig magnet Heather found for me!  Coincidence?  I think not! 

I'm currently working on a paper piece block.  Actually it's only a part of the block but a very integral portion.  The piecing has 21 sections and each section has sub sections of anywhere from 2 to 6 smaller pieces.  It's slow going and very finicky.  Fingers crossed  it all works out.  I tried 6 times to piece the elevator and had to settle with applique.

Well I hope this catches you up with a bit of what's happening here.  Joe is still working flat out and is counting down the days until he's laying on the beach in total relaxation mode!  Be well and leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.


mumzy said...

The Library Summer reading quilt is so cute. Love how you waved it too. As for the Legacy Quilt, I already have commented on it on your other blog. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing quilting Auntie B! Have a great time on Vacation, and looking forward to the pics!

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

yer welcome!