Summer Days

Another wonderful vacation; back to Mexico. The flight there was less than optimal and I'm not a good flyer. So glad to touch ground despite the rain. We relaxed and enjoyed the beach and poolside. I think I've played enough Canasta to be able to count next challenge. I doggy paddled 1900 meters of the underground river at Xcaret. The grandboys swam with the dolphins and a good time was had by all.

I haven't gotten back into a routine yet...seems Joe is taking the rest of the summer off! His last project has ended and to say he was a bit overtaxed would be an understatement. Months of 20 hour days while starting up a new remote site are now behind him. Not sure what the fall will bring but I'm sure it will all work out. In the meantime, I've enjoyed some welcomed help with some household chores. I've also been experiencing the joys of my own personal chef! He cooks, I do the clean up & dishes! Win win in my books. 

We are off on a road trip to visit more family in the province and we will return with the grandsons for another week visit, the last before school starts Sept 1.

Will try and post a quilt update early next week.


mumzy said...

Happy to see you had a good trip to Mexico and hope you are having a good visit with relatives right now.

Meari said...

Your trip to Mexico sounds wonderful! I'd love to swim with the dolphins.