Sept 27 2011

  • Life has gotten back into a routine here, Joe is back to work and I'm making headway in my projects
  • After tearing apart and then rebuilding my sewing room stash, the 2 Legacy quilt blocks I thought I had lost were found...a friend took them to do a tad bit more stitching, WHEW!!!!  That was a restless night but solved with 1 phone call to admit my OOPS! NOT! :)
  • The apple tree we thought was diseased was merely preparing to be over stressed...there's hundreds of apples, good sized ones but still a bit tart for eating.
  • After a couple years of issues, looks like we'll be buying a new washer...this one is missing parts of cycles etc...tired of sitting beside it waiting to tweak the knob!
  • Books continue to play a big part in our home.  Joe jumped into the world of ebook with a new KOBO early September.  He can now take multiple books when he's traveling for work. I still ♥ my SONY Reader!
  • The Legacy quilt is coming together. It's a slow process trying to coordinate schedules with 3 other busy women.
  • I'm back to cross stitching in the afternoon.  I have committed to a piece for a breast cancer research auction in the US...must get it done and in the mail pronto!
  • Still quilting.  I've got a few projects on the go.  Items to be made up for the library's craft sale in November are planned but need to be executed.  A certain someone has a dozen Christmas quilts she wants done for this year!  Stop laughing, we have a game plan!
  • I've very happy with the new over the range microwave we picked up in the US late August.  My counters seems so much more spacious.  Luckily a charity we donate to called a few days after the install and took away the old unit for someone else. Win win.
  • We are loosely planning our summer vacation next year...hard to do when Joe has just started with a new company and is working by the day.  Not sure how that will pan out...haven't seen a pay day yet...soon though. Anyways, planning on touring BC and visiting with another certain someone!  Kids/grandkids grow up so fast.
  • I'll close with a photo of my latest mini project...will be quilting it later today! Be good everyone and leave me a comment so I know who's stopped by!


Lesley said...

I'm working on planning summer vacay 2012 too!
Zebra print makes anything look trendy and modern :o) I love it!

Meari said...

Whew, sounds like you've been busy!!

How did you make those hearts in your comment to my blog?

[MONSTER] said...

Sounds like you're going to need to make some Apple Pie, Apple Tarts, Apple Sauce... Apple Apple Apple Apple... heehee. Maybe you have some friends or neighbours you can swap goodies with?

- Meagan

Alberta said...

Excuse, my mouth is full of...baked apples! My favorite, especially with a small scoop of french vanilla ice cream!

I heart ( hold alt down and tap 3 ) ♥ zebra too! Such a fun animal!

Thanks for stopping by! Later...need 2 hands for this tasty treat!