Never Unprepared

That is my family motto and for the most part an apt description of myself. I do not like to be caught unaware in anyway. Never. I never knew her, but I was a fan. Seen her performing and always admired her talents. And then at such an early age, she was gone. Raylene Rankin, lost to cancer. I listen to my CDs with a keener ear to pick out her distinctive voice. I'm listening to the documentary All The Diamonds and smiling as Raylene reflects about her hopes and fears and I smile. She was so down to earth. And now I know she was a gardener. My best friend used to supply her with her heirloom roses. A sweet tidbit to know. She will be missed.

Thanks Krista for your link input. I do know how to inset a deliberate link.  I was referring to those that seem to pop up randoming in posts that either lead nowhere or to some sort of advertisement. I have a gut feeling that this will continue more and more as things are commercialized and aren't really 'free'.

OT -This morning's temperatures.  Yes, it'll be colder later today as the rain turns to 'slush'.  No, I have yet to nudge the furnace on.  Grab a sweater or lap quilt, it may be a long winter.

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